Academy Adventures Elementary Clubs

Lists of Clubs Spring 2018

Academy Adventures Elementry School has a host of different clubs throughout the year. Below are the clubs offered for Spring 2018

Ooey Gooey Club with Mrs. Hayes (K – 5th Grade) Tuesdays

Join Mrs. Hayes as we experiment with all things ooey gooey. From snail goo, to edible slime, to glow in the dark putty; we will be getting our hands dirty experimenting! This club will involve learning about a new slimy science experiment each week. From solids to liquids and even both at the same time. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty!!

Fairytales from Around the World Club with Ms. Mosley (K- 5th Grade) Tuesdays

Students will spend time exploring Story Elements, appreciating different cultures, and comparing different versions of common fairytales that have been written in various parts of the world. After reading students will break down into small groups and discuss what we read followed by activities that coincide with the fairytales.

STEM Club with Mrs. Lull (K-5th grade) Thursdays

(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

STEM Club is a highly enjoyable way that engages students with STEM subjects. It provides students with an opportunity for meaningful STEM learning and for students to engage in science, technology, engineering and math in multiple ways and in a supportive and fun environment. It helps students gain practical, teamwork and leadership skills. This club was also be a stepping stone to build interest in academic success and higher education. In this club, we will explore the scientific method by testing science experiments, engineer structures, create codes for games, and use our mathematical knowledge to solve real world problems. We will end each club with a collective overview on that day’s challenge.

Lego Masters Club with Mrs. Azami (K-5th grade) Thursdays

Join us for an hour of collaboration through fun and exciting Lego creation!  Develop reading, math, science, engineering, problem-solving, and communication skills all while building, creating, and becoming a Lego Master Builder!