Adventure Schools Charter Program Clubs

Spring 2018 After-School Clubs

Painting Club (K-2) Mondays

Teacher – Ms. Miguel

Students will learn about famous artists and their style of painting. They will experiment with different types of paint, learn water color techniques and learn how to use materials, clean and take care of their tools.

Chess Club (3rd-5th) Tuesdays

Teacher – Mr. Shaver

This club is for anyone interested in learning how to play chess. We will learn the names of the pieces and read the rules for playing chess.  There will be lots of practice games!

Astronomy Club (3rd-5th) Thursdays

Teacher – Ms. Martin

We will explore and learn about the solar system, planets and constellations using web quests on the internet. Activities will be connected to history, geology, geography and art. Come learn about the vast universe we all live in!

Things to Remember

  • After School Clubs are free and they end promptly at 4pm. Please pick up your student right at 4:00pm.
  • They will run once a week for the spring semester (January 22-May 11). Students and families are making a commitment for the student to attend regularly for the entire 55 minutes. After two absences they may be dropped from the club.
  • Enrollment is granted on a first come first serve basis so please fill out the back side and return it promptly to the office.